Sunday, February 5, 2017

Word Wrapping/Line Wrapping in Geany

If you are looking to line wrap or word wrap your codes in Geany use the following keys combinations:

Press ALT+D +L to toggle Line wrapping or Word wrapping.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Reset Product ID to One (1) in Magento 2x

If you have deleted your sample products and would like to reset the product id to one (1) or any number of your choice, open up your phpMyAdmin or any MySQL client of your choice and enter the following command:

 ALTER TABLE `catalog_product_entity` AUTO_INCREMENT =1  

If you have used table prefix don't forget to append that as well before catalog_product_entity. Example: table-prefix_catalog_product_entity.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Product Automatically Converting To Virtual Product Instead of Simple Product in Magento

If you are experiencing a queer problem where by your products are automatically converting to virtual product instead of the default simple product then one of the reason might be —while creating the product, under the weight field you might be selecting the option - 'This item has no weight.' & when you do this Magento saves the products as virtual product. To save a product as simple product you must select the option as 'This item has weight.'

In case you have lots of product that are virtual and you would like to convert them to simple products, you can run this simple SQL query as below:

 UPDATE catalog_product_entity SET type_id = 'simple' WHERE type_id = 'virtual'  


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Marketplace or Multi Store/Multi Website Solution in Magento 2 - Know which to use

Just like I had been all this while, you too must be confused between Marketplace or Multi Vendor/Multi Website solution, and unable to make your choice. In this post I will explain to you as to whether you should go for a Marketplace or Multi Store/Multi Website solution. There can be many reasons, but the ones below, were the ones that made me eventually go for a marketplace, in spite of successfully building a Multi Vendor Solution.

1. Marketplace: You should go for a marketplace solution if you are looking to provide the following features/services in your website:
  • Multi Vendor Solution
  • Ability for users to register as vendors and start selling their products on your website. All this can be done from your site's frontend which isn't the case with Multi Store/Website.
  • Amazon/Ebay kind of solution
Fig: Multi Website/Multi Store (click on image to enlarge)

 2. Multi Store/Multi Website: You should go for a multi store/multi website solution in the following case:
  • Use a single Magento installation to create several stores & websites which eases website maintenance related tasks.
  • The following features are shared in a multi store setup:
    • Payment Gateway (shared)
    • Shipment (shared)
    • Category (optional)
    • Catalog is shared or not shared depending upon how you have set up your Category. If you have same category for all the stores then the products will be shared between all the stores. If you have separate categories for separate stores then the product can be restricted to each store. 
    • Users are shared across all the store enabling single account log in across stores.
  •  The following features are shared/not shared in a multi website setup, depending upon your configuration:
    • Payment Gateway (Can be unique for each website)
    • Shipping (Can be unique for each website)
    • User account (Can be restricted or shared across websites depending upon your configuration)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top Open-source eCommerce Marketplace Solutions 2017

Below I have complied some Top Marketplace solution for the year 2017. Please note the list below are Not as per Ranking. It's just I have listed it that way.

1. Ecommerce Engine: Prestashop

     Solution #1.1:  
          Module Name: Advanced Market Place Module
          Cost: $199

     Solution #1.2:  
          Module Name: Knowband Marketplace Module (Basic)
          Cost: Free

     Solution #1.3:  
          Module Name: Knowband Marketplace Module (Premium)
          Cost: $159.99 $145.99

     Solution #1.4:  
          Module Name: Prestashop Advanced Marketplace
          Cost: $199

2. Ecommerce Engine: OpenCart

     Solution #2.1:    
          Module Name: Multimerch
          Cost: $349-$749

     Solution #2.2:    
          Module Name: Webkul Opencart Marketplace
          Cost: $199

     Solution #2.2:    
          Module Name: Clerkscart
          Cost: Free

3. Ecommerce Engine: Magento

     Solution #3.1:    
          Module Name: Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module
          Cost: $349

     Solution #3.2:    
          Module Name: Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension
          Cost: $349

      Solution #3.2:    
          Module Name: Medma Marketplace
          Cost: $299

      Solution #3.3:    
          Module Name: Vnecoms Market
          Cost: $349 - $399 - $999

4. Ecommerce Engine: CS Cart

     Solution #4.1:    
          Module Name: CS Cart Marketplace
          Cost: $1450

5. Ecommerce Engine: X-Cart

     Solution #5.1:    
          Module Name: Multivendor/Ultimate
          Cost: $1495 - $3955

6. Ecommerce Engine: Dokan using WooCommerce/Wordpress

     Solution #6.1:    
          Module Name: Dokan
          Cost: $199 - $299 - $499

Unable to Create New User/Administrator in Magento 2.x

Yesterday, I tried creating an account from the Admin Panel but was unable to do so. After filling up all the fields in the User Creation Form and when I hit the Save Button, the screen would just get stuck with the rotating GIF image.

There are many causes to this issue but below I will discuss the one I experienced and how I resolved it.

The thing is, few days ago, I'd created a role called 'Store Owner' & assigned to it some permissions. Yesterday, I renamed the role to 'Store Manager' and assumed that like other CMS that I use viz. Drupal, changing the role name wouldn't revoke the erstwhile granted permission to the renamed role biz. 'Store Owner to Store Manager.'

Once I granted permission to the newly created role my problem was resolved.

Hope this helps!

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