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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Advice From An Old Programmer - (a must read)

This is an awesome read I came across yesterday penned by an amazingly talented programmer called Zed Shaw. Here's an excerpt:

"Of course, all of this advice is pointless. If you liked learning to write software with this book, you should try to use it to improve your life any way you can. Go out and explore this weird wonderful new intellectual pursuit that barely anyone in the last 50 years has been able to explore. Might as well enjoy it while you can.

Finally, I'll say that learning to create software changes you and makes you different. Not better or worse, just different. You may find that people treat you harshly because you can create software, maybe using words like "nerd". Maybe you'll find that because you can dissect their logic that they hate arguing with you. You may even find that simply knowing how a computer works makes you annoying and weird to them.

To this I have just one piece of advice: they can go to hell. The world needs more weird people who know how things work and who love to figure it all out. When they treat you like this, just remember that this is your journey, not theirs. Being different is not a crime, and people who tell you it is are just jealous that you've picked up a skill they never in their wildest dreams could acquire.
You can code. They cannot. That is pretty damn cool."
To read more: Advice From An Old Programmer.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Changing Site's Default Email Address in Drupal

This is a pretty simple solution for changing your site's 'default email address' in Drupa 6.

1. If not using MIME mail try this: admin/settings/site-information

2. If using MIME mail use this: admin/settings/mimemail

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Future of Learning, Networked Society - Ericsson

Learn more at

Can ICT redefine the way we learn in the Networked Society? Technology has enabled us to interact, innovate and share in whole new ways. This dynamic shift in mindset is creating profound change throughout our society. The Future of Learning looks at one part of that change, the potential to redefine how we learn and educate. Watch as we talk with world renowned experts and educators about its potential to shift away from traditional methods of learning based on memorization and repetition to more holistic approaches that focus on individual students' needs and self expression.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Default Ports of XAMPP

ftp             21/tcp              # File Transfer [Control] (XAMPP: FTP Default Port)
smtp          25/tcp             mail # Simple Mail Transfer (XAMPP: SMTP Default Port)
http           80/tcp             # World Wide Web HTTP (XAMPP: Apache Default Port)
pop3          110/tcp           # Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (XAMPP: POP3 Default Port)
imap          143/tcp           # Internet Message Access Protocol (XAMPP: IMAP Default Port)
https          443/tcp           # http protocol over TLS/SSL (XAMPP: Apache SSL Port)
mysql        3306/tcp         # MySQL (XAMPP: MySQL Default Port)
AJP/1.3     8009               # AJP/1.3 (XAMPP: Tomcat AJP/1.3 Port)
http-alt      8080/tcp         # HTTP Alternate (see port 80) (XAMPP: Tomcat Default Port)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Python Programming #1

So, here's my first post related to Python. Got this wonderful chance to enroll for a course in with the University of Toronto for a class titled ' Learn to Program: The Fundamentals." It's been five weeks since I joined the class and have been doing pretty good.

But to be candid, I really do not know much about it other than reading a lot of awesome stuffs about it on the internet. Since the past four years I have been more of a 'web guy' dealing with Open Source Stuffs and currently getting my hands strong with Drupal. But don't know without any reason I feel pretty excited about Python and without thinking much have decided to dive deep into it; as much as I can.

Lets see how much posts I can continue to roll out in the upcoming days. & this post shall act as a checkpoint for me to see how far I've traversed in my journey with Python.

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