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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top Open-source eCommerce Marketplace Solutions 2018

Below I have complied some Top Marketplace solution for the year 2017. Please note the list below are Not as per Ranking. It's just I have listed it that way.

1. Ecommerce Engine: Prestashop

     Solution #1.1:  
          Module Name: Advanced Market Place Module
          Cost: $199

     Solution #1.2:  
          Module Name: Knowband Marketplace Module (Basic)
          Cost: Free

     Solution #1.3:  
          Module Name: Knowband Marketplace Module (Premium)
          Cost: $159.99 $145.99

     Solution #1.4:  
          Module Name: Prestashop Advanced Marketplace
          Cost: $199

2. Ecommerce Engine: OpenCart

     Solution #2.1:    
          Module Name: Multimerch
          Cost: $349-$749

     Solution #2.2:    
          Module Name: Webkul Opencart Marketplace
          Cost: $199

     Solution #2.2:    
          Module Name: Clerkscart
          Cost: Free

3. Ecommerce Engine: Magento

     Solution #3.1:    
          Module Name: Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module
          Cost: $349

     Solution #3.2:    
          Module Name: Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension
          Cost: $349

      Solution #3.2:    
          Module Name: Medma Marketplace
          Cost: $299

      Solution #3.3:    
          Module Name: Vnecoms Market
          Cost: $349 - $399 - $999

4. Ecommerce Engine: CS Cart

     Solution #4.1:    
          Module Name: CS Cart Marketplace
          Cost: $1450

5. Ecommerce Engine: X-Cart

     Solution #5.1:    
          Module Name: Multivendor/Ultimate
          Cost: $1495 - $3955

6. Ecommerce Engine: Dokan using WooCommerce/Wordpress

     Solution #6.1:    
          Module Name: Dokan
          Cost: $199 - $299 - $499

Unable to Create New User/Administrator in Magento 2.x

Yesterday, I tried creating an account from the Admin Panel but was unable to do so. After filling up all the fields in the User Creation Form and when I hit the Save Button, the screen would just get stuck with the rotating GIF image.

There are many causes to this issue but below I will discuss the one I experienced and how I resolved it.

The thing is, few days ago, I'd created a role called 'Store Owner' & assigned to it some permissions. Yesterday, I renamed the role to 'Store Manager' and assumed that like other CMS that I use viz. Drupal, changing the role name wouldn't revoke the erstwhile granted permission to the renamed role biz. 'Store Owner to Store Manager.'

Once I granted permission to the newly created role my problem was resolved.

Hope this helps!

Create Admin User from Terminal in Magento 2.x

If you would like to create Administrator accounts in your Magento 2x installation from your Terminal/SSH then try the following command:

N.B:The password must be at least 7 characters in length and must  include at least one alphabetic and at least one numeric character. A longer & more complex password is recommended. Enclose the entire password & other fields string in single quotes & NOT DOUBLE QUOTES.

For example: --admin-password=''A0b9%t_3`g'

 php bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-user='your_username' 
--admin-password='your_pass' --admin-email='your_email'
--admin-firstname='your_firstname' --admin-lastname='your_lastname'  

The following parameter & values are compulsory:
  1. Name: --admin-firstname
    Magento administrator user's first name.
  2. Name: --admin-lastname
    Magento administrator user's last name.
  3. Name: --admin-email
    Magento administrator user's e-mail address.
  4. Name: --admin-user
    Magento administrator user name.
  5. Name: --admin-password
    Magento administrator user password.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Change Admin URI/URL in Magento 2 using Terminal or Admin Page

First and foremost never change your Admin URI directly from the 'env.php' page because that alone isn't sufficient to change/update the URI. Best is to use the terminal because along with the URI value in the 'env.php' file, you will also have to change/update the following database values:
  • db-engine
  • db-model
  • db-init-statements
If you update the admin-uri values using the terminal below is what you get:

Change Admin URI/URL in Magento 2 using Terminal or Admin Page
Click on image to enlarge
1. Change Magento 2 Admin URI/URL FROM CLI/Terminal:

  php bin/magento setup:config:set --backend-frontname="your_admin_path"  
Note: No forward slash at the front or back of your path admin path.
  php bin/magento setup:config:set --backend-frontname="vXc12eR_1991"  

Note: Please do not use names such as 'admin' or your store name in the Admin URL.

1. Change Magento 2 Admin URI/URL FROM Store Back End:

 Click on STORES > Configuraiton > Advanced > Admin. Please view image below for example:

Sunday, December 11, 2016

[Solved] - How to Change Table Prefix in Magento 2.x

Please follow the instructions below to change your Table Prefix in Magento 2.x:
  1. Open the file 'env.php' located at ''app/etc/env.php'.
  2. On line number 17 change your table prefix. Please look at the image below:


Thursday, December 8, 2016

[Solved] - There was no Home CMS page configured or found - Magento Error.

If you get this error, this is because the website's home page is not set. This  can happen when you change the site Home Page and forget to update the CMS page at: Store >> Configuration >> General >> Web >> Default Pages >> CMS Home Page.

To Change Your Site's Home Page:

1. First Go to CMS Home Page, as mentioned above, and select any page as your home page. Then Go to Content >> Pages and Save your changes.Only this will allow you to Save the changes your have made to your page, else you won't be able to Save the change.

2. Now go back to CMS home page and select the page mentioned in Step 1 as your Home Page and Save.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

[SOLVED] Change Default Language for Spell-Checker in Thunderbird

Free YouTube Audio Library - Use Music in your YouTube Videos Without Any Hassle

If you would like to use music & soundtracks in your YouTube videos then you can find a massive collection of free music in YouTube itself.

 Just visit the YouTube audio library at: and search for music of your liking; download them and use them in your videos.

To Check YouTube Music Policies & Copyright Violation you may check my article at:

Check YouTube Music Policies & Copyright Violation

If you want to use a particular song or music in your YouTube video but unsure whether it will lead to copyright violation then you may check its copyright policy at:

Often you will be allowed to use the music but will have to share revenue. In such case you might download free music to use in your videos from YouTube itself. To know more check this article of mine: Free YouTube Audio Library - Use Music in your YouTube Videos Without Any Hassle  - 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Connect Bluetooth Headset/Headphone to Ubuntu 14.04

If you have been trying to connect your Bluetooth headset/headphone to your Ubuntu 14.04 laptop, and running into errors; here's a simple solution:

1. First run this command in your terminal:

 sudo apt-get install pavucontrol  

2. Now run this command:

 pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover  

You might have to run the command #2 every time you boot your system. Else you might set it up to start in Start Up Applications.

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