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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Unable to Create New User/Administrator in Magento 2.x

Yesterday, I tried creating an account from the Admin Panel but was unable to do so. After filling up all the fields in the User Creation Form and when I hit the Save Button, the screen would just get stuck with the rotating GIF image.

There are many causes to this issue but below I will discuss the one I experienced and how I resolved it.

The thing is, few days ago, I'd created a role called 'Store Owner' & assigned to it some permissions. Yesterday, I renamed the role to 'Store Manager' and assumed that like other CMS that I use viz. Drupal, changing the role name wouldn't revoke the erstwhile granted permission to the renamed role biz. 'Store Owner to Store Manager.'

Once I granted permission to the newly created role my problem was resolved.

Hope this helps!

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