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Sunday, June 28, 2020

[Solved] - How to Find Composer Name of Mageplaza Paid Extensions - Magento 2

How to Find, Extension Name of Mageplaza Paid Extension

Don't know why Mageplaza haven't still listed the composer name of their paid extensions. Look at the comment section of this tutorial:; you will see users asking for composer name, and still no solution is provided by them. Today I tried posting this solution as a comment in the aforementioned page, and each time my comment got deleted for reasons unknown to me. That's why I have decided to post this solution here.

[Solved] - How to Find, Extension Name of Mageplaza Paid Extension

The solution is very simple. Just download the extension, and look in the composer.json file. You will see a key/value pair entry as follows:
  "name": "mageplaza/module-search"  
Here module-search is the composer name of the paid extension Ajax Search for Magento 2.

NOTE: If you are installing Mageplaza extensions for the first time via composer, make sure to run the following command first:
 $ composer config repositories.mageplaza composer  


  1. Hi! Thanks for post this solution but once you have added the Mageplaza repository to your composer config you can execute this command to get all the mageplaza extensions composer names:

    composer show --all | grep mageplaza

  2. Hi! Thank you for posting, thought only myself had that problem. You can also find the composer names now under your Mageplaza Account --> My Licenses:


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