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Monday, February 13, 2012

What to do when caught by Windows Activation Technology (WAT) for Windows 7

Just sometime back I was trying to use a feature from Microsoft called Virtual PC and XP mode. While trying to download those software, Microsoft asked me to validate my Win 7 with their WAT tool.

In the process the WAT detected that my OS was not authentic and the computer behaving queerly, like, my desktop turning black, my Antivirus (Microsoft Security Essential) showing "expiry" warning messages.

I freaked out a bit because with my current situation I am in no position to install a new OS with the amount of installing of various software, backups and etc...

I worked around a simple solution instead. I simply restored my system to a day earlier before the WAT was updated and voila the process worked!

Else you can try one of the solutions mentioned here:

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