Sunday, October 12, 2008

Changing The Color Of Your Links

Suppose you would like to change the color of your links and the Formatting options of blogger isn't working; you can make use of this code:

Here's your basic link:">Google Blogger

Typically you would have a style:
 a:link {
  color: #008000;

The text and underline would be green.

I am wrapping the following examples, they would normally be on one

If you try to change the color like this:">Google Blogger

The link will not change to yellow. a:link will still be in control.

If you change it to:">
  Google Blogger
The attribute will change the text to yellow, but the underline will
remain green.

If you change it to:">
  Google Blogger
'style' will take control and both the text and underline will be

Source: Ted

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