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Monday, October 13, 2008

Register Your Blog With Google Search:

Add your blog/website to the Google Index, to be listed in the Google Search Engine. Doing this will help new visitors locate your blog/website easily and in turn bring new visitors to your blog.

Please visit the following the following 'web page' by Google and follow the instructions"
Click Here


  1. Hi. Nice to see your site. I tried to register with Google and couldn't tell if it worked! I still cannot see my site in a google search. Thanks

  2. Hi friend,
    If Google has confirmed you submission then you can be sure of your submission. Please allow some time for the 'Google Crawler', which is a software-robot of Google, to crawl through your web pages. Once that is done, you will be able to view your site in Google Search.

    I also recommend you to visit this web page by Google, which will give you a lot of idea about increasing visitors to your page.


  3. New to Blog World. Your information is very helpful and hopefully will be a help with recognition. Realizing that we are the master of our success and that comes with hard work. Thanks again and will continue to read.....

  4. Hello friend aka 'print products',

    Thanks for your comments. It is because of appreciative comment like yours, that I get the motivation to work harder, Smarter, and deliver better, to my blog visitors.

    I too just started to blog actively, a month back. But one thing that I have happened to realize in my life, is that 'All major changes in Life involves a quantum leap, never linear.' Yes this is one thing that I have experienced time and again in my life.

    So whether you are new or old doesn't matter. What matters is your sincere objective, dedication and passion. Once a few ingredients like these come together, the results will come on its own accord.

    As I have mentioned, since this blog is in the development stage; please keep checking for more updates.

    Thanks for visiting.



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