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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Verify Your Site With Google for Better Search Engine Results

In case you haven't verified your site with Google, I recommend you to do that, as early as possible. Below are the detailed steps, which might assist you.

Step 1: Please visit Google Accounts:
Step 2: If you haven't registered with Google, please register and sign in. Else sign in with your Google id.
Step 3: Now in the My Account Page, look for My products. (look below.) Click on the Image to have an Enlarged View!                                

Step 4: Under the 'My product' group, look for Webmasters Tools and click on it.
Step 5: A page called 'Dashboard' will Open. (look below). Click on the image to have an Enlarged View and follow the instructions, mentioned in the image.

   End: Your site is finally verified. You can check for it in the Dashboard. Else allow the Google crawler sometime to crawl through your site and verify.

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