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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How do I post a video to my blog from YouTube?

How do I post a video to my blog from YouTube?

If you've got your own videos on your computer that you want to share on your blog, Blogger now allows you to upload video directly! If you'd like to share a video from YouTube, you can do that, too.

Embedding a YouTube Video

To embed a video from YouTube, just copy the code from the "Embed" box on the video's YouTube page. You can find the "Embed" box in the "About This Video" box when you're watching the video. You can also get the code from the "Embed HTML" box on the "Edit Video" page if the video belongs to your YouTube account.

To embed a YouTube video within a blog post, first click "Edit HTML" from within the post editor. Next, paste the video's code into the body of your post. That's it!

Set Up One-Click Video Sharing

If you post YouTube videos to your blog regularly, sharing directly from YouTube is even easier and you'll only have to set it up once.

  1. Click the "Share" button on the YouTube video's page

  2. Scroll down and click "Setup your blog for video posting."

  3. Click "Add a Blog/Site"

  4. Choose "Blogger" as your Blog Service and fill in your Google Account login information.

  5. Choose which blogs you'd like to add to your YouTube account. You can choose more than one.

  6. From now on, when you click "Share", you'll be given the option to post YouTube videos directly to your blogs!
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