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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Keywords Optimization and Quality Contents-By Monetize Guru

Why build a website? Why Blog? Why waste your time building quality contents?

Building a website can be very rewarding, especially if the website receives lots of visitors. The more visitors you get, the more money you will make through advertisements, sales and other methods. What is the best way to receive lots of visitors and make a lot of money online? The first thing that comes to mind is quality contents! Your main focus should always be quality contents!!! Offer people exactly what they are looking for and you will benefit in the long run. If you have nothing good to offer, then you will receive nothing in return. I didn’t just made this up, this is the truth and if you observe history and all the successful companies in the world, you can very much understand why this is the truth. The top 100 websites on the web did just this and they continue to offer people quality contents day by day. They offer people useful information, products, tools, etc… and they reap the rewards.

You might be thinking, how can I offer quality contents when I have no money and no original ideas? Do you know something that other people don’t? You have to know something, right? Of course you know something, write about it, blog about it, share it; put it on your website, then tell people about it and build links to it. Knowing is one thing, you must also organize those information and make it visible to people. Take for example:, my main focus is to show people how to make money online. Many websites have done this and I’m pretty much the last in line. I’m way behind everyone else. However, I believe I have the skill, knowledge, creativity and the patient to be among the top competitors for this specific niche. I will approach this with an open mind and use my imagination to make this site unique and interesting. I’m not a very good writer, that’s why I hire writers for my other websites. This is the only site that I personally write on and it’s kind of tough and a little time consuming for me.

If you have quality contents, the next step is to make it visible to the people who are interested. Look for keywords that people search for and have little competitions and write about it. Use this tool to help you: I use this tool a lot and the best thing about it, it’s FREE. This tool will give you an idea of what people are searching for and how much competitions there are for that keywords phrase. It is not 100% accurate and the data presented may be outdated (a week or two outdated). Don’t limit yourself to this tool to tell you what to write because you should always write about things you love no matter how much competitions there are. However, make sure not to blog about random things because that’s a waste of time for both you and the reader. Don’t update your site with useless information everyday and thinking it will attract a lot of visitors. Avoid writing things that have no meaning and no purpose. People have better things to do then go to your site and waste 5 minutes of their time, make sure to avoid this fatal mistake.

When you first registered a new domain, Google will put your site in a sandbox and your pages will disappear from Google from time to time. Be patient and keep building links to it naturally. It’s not wise to build so many pages the first 3 months because it will not be detected by Google for a while and it might be a waste of contents. Google’s Sandbox will be discussed further in the next post. If you’re blogging, I recommend writing about 5-12 total pages for the first 3 months. After 3 months, you can start adding contents more frequently.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment or ask questions. In the next post, I will go over my link building strategy and how frequently I add contents to my site to make it search engines friendly.

Source: Monetize Guru

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