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Friday, October 31, 2008

Meta Tags and its Importance in Google Adsense| Keyword Generation

In the past few days I have come across several blogs and websites mentioning that the meta tag has become almost obsolete. Well, I really don't think so, because last night I have been experimenting with the meta tags and even if doesn't work with the search engine, which I am still not sure of and still checking, I can assure you that it will work with your Adsense. With the help of meta tags, you can at least generate Advertisement of your choice, preferably the Ads that suits the contents of your blog and also niche keyword Ads that can help you generate more revenue.

Below are the steps by which you can generate keywords and insert meta tags in your blog | webpage:

There are basically three meta tags which you need to insert anywhere between the and tags.

1. <meta content='a description of your page' name='description'> </meta>

<meta content='a, list, of, keywords' name='keywords'> </meta> (Don't forget to separate the keywords by  
                                                                                              using comma)

<meta content='Your Name' name='author'> </meta>

 Please read the example as to how you can use meta tags:

<meta content='Soluzione|Tips and Tricks for Enhanced Blogging|Web|Internet|Ecommerce|Make Online Money Experience' name='description'></meta>

   <meta content="3 column blogger template, blogger templates, how to make money, make money online, making money, making money online, how to blog, blog, blog search, blogging business blog, news blog, blog com, blogger, earn money, easy money, internet money, pay per click, internet marketing" name="keywords"></meta>

   <meta content='Kuldeep Singh Khadka, CoolDeep, CoolDip' name='author'></meta>   

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