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Monday, November 3, 2008

Publish Your Emails Directly In Blogger by Forwarding

I just discovered that you can actually forward any mails from your email account, especially the one's you like, and publish them directly or save it as a draft in blogspot. Isn't that a really nice thing. So, you wanna try them. Follow the steps below. It's damn easy...

Step 1: On your Dashboard please click on the Setting link.

Step 2: The Setting page will open. In the Setting page, please click on the Email Link as shown below in the image.

Please Click on the Image for an Enlarged View:

Step 3: The Email page will open where you can create your new blogger-email address, by
entering the address and saving the setting. Three are a few options which you need to
be wary of. Not to worry, I have described them in details below in the picture
Please Click on the Image for an Enlarged View:

Step 4: Once Step 3 is completed, you are ready for the final act. Immediately sign in to your email
account and start forwarding the mails you want to be published in your blogger

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