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Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Measure the Temperature of your computer (PC) | laptop and Check your Computer System Configuration?

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With the help of this simple software you can easily check and monitor the speed of your computer, PC or laptop.  Just visit this link  Speccy Temperature Monitor Software and and download this cool software and your problem is solved.

Not just will you be able to monitor your computer's temperature but also know when your system has surpassed the normal heat threshold.  If you computer is over heating the temperature will be displayed in a red color; in that case if you are using a device like laptop-cooler you can simply turn it ON!

Also with this awesome software you will be able to check most of your cool system details like:
  1. A Summary of all the Important Details about your Computer
  2. Operating System Details with the Date you first Installed it
  3. CPU (Processor) Details
  4. RAM Details
  5. Motherboard Details
  6. Graphics Card Details
  7. Hard Drives Details
  8. Optical Drives Details
  9. Audio (Sound Card) Details

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