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Monday, February 21, 2011

Youtube or any website Not Loading Properly :: Flush your DNS

Today something queer happened around evening time while I was trying to access youtube. Through out the day I was able to access YouTube as usual, as normal, without any error. But around evening time whenever I tried to access YouTube particularly from my Mozilla Firefox 3+, the website was loading but without any CSS. In the sense, YouTube was loading but without any design. I was still able to watch videos, but everything from the YouTube video player, related videos, recommended videos, comment box etc were being displayed in a very distorted manner. The problem existed even till now.

And just now I came up with the solution. While trying to work with my website, I was trying some DNS & network related commands, during which I tried this solutions.

1. Press the Window Key + R (the key with the Windows Logo) also called the Command key or open the Run Dialog Box.

2. In the Run Box type >>> cmd or command and press enter.

3. One inside the DOS interface type ipconfig/dnsflush. 

This should resolve your problem.

To know about "dns flush" you can Google or visit this link:

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