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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Converting 7zip (.7z), WinZip (.zip) files into Gzip (.gz) in Windows

This solutions especially helped me a lot for importing my "MySQL Dumps" from my local server to my remote server.

My problem & How this Solution Helped me:

My web-host seem to have restricted "importing .zip mysql dumps" to my server. And my Xampp which is an older version (XAMPP for Windows Version 1.7.1 !)  don't seem to work well with Gzip. The newer version of Xampp does work well but since right now I am obliged to use PHP 5.2.x I haven't upgraded.

So, blabbing apart, here's the solutions:

Use this small but very powerful called Win-Gz tool to compress / decompress any file(s) into .gz (GZip) format. You can also use ArcConvert to make compression from .7z into .gz ... .gz into .7z etc...

Here are the download links:

1. Win-GZ
2. ArcConvert

Hope this helps .... have fun!

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