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Thursday, December 18, 2014

How To Resize Virtual Hard Disk Size In Ubuntu

If you are running out of Virtual Hard Disk space in your VirtualBox environment and looking to increase space - follow the instructions below:

 sudo VBoxManage modifyhd "vdi location" --resize "new size in MB"  
 sudo VBoxManage modifyhd '/home/evagabond/VirtualBox VMs/Windows/Windows 7 (x64)/Windows 7 (x64).vdi' --resize "61440"  
Please note that if your location address contains spaces it's better you insert it within single quotes as I've done in the above example to avoid error in the terminal.

Finally if successful you should get result as below:

Click on image to enlarge

Now you will need to resize/expand your VHD partition using a Partition Software or Windows Default Partition Manager. I have used a free software called MiniTool Partition Wizard which you can download here:

Follow the instructions in the image below to finally expand your partition:

Step 1:

 Click image to enlarge
Step 2:

Click image to enlarge 
Step 3:

Click image to enlarge

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