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Sunday, May 3, 2015

[SOLVED] [UBUNTU 15.04 - Vivid Vervet] Change cpufreqd default to Ondemand from Performance

After installing cpufreqd on Ubuntu 15.04 I noticed that by default the mode being selected is 'Performance.' I wanted it to be 'On Demand' as used to be in earlier versions. If you want to change to 'On Demand' like me follow the steps below:

1. First go to '/etc/' and find the file 'cpufreqd.conf' and make a backup of it. To do so you can copy the file and paste it in your Desktop.

2. You can manually change to 'On Demand' mode entering the following command in your terminal:
 sudo cpufreq-set -c 0 -g ondemand  

But this is a temporary change. If your restart cpufreqd you will see that it reverts back to 'Performance.' Try it using the following command:
 sudo service cpufreqd restart  

So to make the change permanent goto Step 3:

3. Open your terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and type the following command:
 sudo gedit /etc/cpufreqd.conf  

On line 4 & line 5 you should see a Note as below(to view line numbers in gedit, Click on Edit - Preferences - Under View - Check Display line numbers:
 # Note: ondemand/conservative Profiles are disabled because  
 # they are not available on many platforms.  

Now uncomment all the lines from line number 28 to line number 40 as below:
 name=On Demand High  
 name=On Demand Low  

Also uncomment the lines from line number 71 to 83.

In line 92 change 'Performance High' to 'On Demand High' as below:
 profile=On Demand High  

Now SAVE your file and RESTART as stated above.

You should now see that your cpufreq mode changes to 'On Demand' if it was in 'Performance' or continue to stay in 'On Demand' mode.

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