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Saturday, January 6, 2018

[SOLVED] - Flash Lenovo A7700 Stock ROM & Other MTK Phones Using SP Flash Tool

Recently my Lenovo A7700 mobile phone started crashing and giving various problems. Often, it would prompt messages such as "Google Service Framework has stopped working" or "Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped" and lots of other errors, which eventually would cause the phone to crash. The only solution that would make the mobile functional again was to remove the battery and start the phone.

Then I tried flashing my phone with Stock ROMS & Custom ROMS hoping to resolve my problem. In the process I came across some interesting tools like SP Flash Tool, SN Write Tool etc. The tutorial below explains the working steps to successfully operate the SP flash tool.

Using SP Flash Tool, I have successfully flashed my phone in both Windows and Linux. In this post I will explain how to flash your Lenovo A7700 in Linux/Ubuntu. This same method can be used for flashing various other MTK based Android phones. Also find below the download links for SP Flash Tool, SN Write Tool & stock firmware for Lenovo A7700.

>> Download Links:

>> To install SP Flash tool in Linux, and to learn how to use it, please check this link:

Please refer to the video above to get an overview of the overall flashing procedure, and use the steps below for crosschecking your steps, and as further reference.

Step 1: Open your SP flash Tool as shown in the video above.

Step 2: Load your 'scatter.txt' file.

Step 3: Select 'Download Only' and then click on Download.

Step 4: Now turn off your phone and don't remove the battery if your are trying to flash the Lenovo A7700. In others you might have to, you can do trial and error and confirm.

Step 5: Now press the Volume Down button and connect your USB data cable to your phone and your computer.

Step 6: The flashing process should start now as shown in the video above.

For a list of SP Flash Tool - Errors, their meanings and how to resolve them, you may check the following link:

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