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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Change your Facebook (FB) Relationship Status without letting your Friends know about it?

Sometimes you might have been or will be in a situation, where you would want to Change your Facebook Relationship Status, without letting your friends know a thing about it. In the sense, you wouldn't want "your status change" to be displayed in the Facebook's Newsfeed where all your friends will view it. 

So how do you go about it? Very Simple.... By following a simple trick (that I myself have tested & tried) you can easily achieve that ;-)

1. Hover your mouse over the Account Tab & Click On Privacy Settings. 
2. Now at the bottom of your page click on Customise settings
3. On the right side of Relationships you can see a tab which might read as (Everyone, Friends of Friends etc) depending upon what you'd selected previously. Click on that Tab and Select >>> Customize
4. A box called Custom Privacy will open. 
5. On the "Make this visible to" option; Select "only me" and finally Click on "Save Setting."

Now you can change your relationship status to the status of your choice.

Once you've made the required relationship status change, follow the steps above and in the Visible section >>> Select >>> "Make these visible to: friends, friends of friends" depending on your choice.


  1. Amazing tip! This came in pretty handy when I tried to change my relationship status as I do not want my personal updates to be sensationalized. thanks for sharing!

  2. you are most welcome Kevin & check this out.. it might be handy for u for tweaking other related facebook settings:

  3. Explored the site! Thanks for this :D


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