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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unable to Access Blogger, Blogspot, Blog not Opening, DNS Error

Two days ago I faced a queer problem that I'd never faced in my whole 2 years+ experience of blogspot. Every time I entered my "blog-url" in my Firefox I would get the following errors:

"Problem loading Page....
Server not found
Firefox can't find the server at"

I freaked out ... WTF??? .. I even posted on my FB wall ... "Surprised to know that even a Service Provider like Google could experience downtime....." A chilling thought even ran into my mind ~ "Had Google blocked my blog?"

But after some "googling" and waiting I found out ~ All My Guesses Were Simply Wrong!!!! The problem had nothing to do with Google | Blogger. The problem lied with my ISP and the Dynamic IP assigned to me by my ISP (Internet Service Provider."

How I figured out the flaw was from my ISP and NOT Google?

I simply visited and accessed my blog and Voila!!! I could access my blog quite conveniently. Then I called up my friend who works for IBM and asked him to check as to whether he could access my blog(s) from his home-computer. And again, YESsss he could. Again I used an IP changer software, which creates a "dummy IP" to conceal your IP. Here I changed my IP to Plano, Texas, US and again I could access my blog.

Now with all these test I became sure of the possible problem and it had nothing to do with Blogger | Google. The problem was with nobody but my ISP.

What can|should you do NOW?

I guess either you wait and see if the problem resolves on its own. In the sense, if your ISP has assigned you a "Static IP" then I guess you call 'em up ASAP (immediately) and tell them about the problem ~ a DNS error that you're facing while trying to access blogspot blogs. If you are the one with a Dynamic IP then you can well wait for sometime; because a Dynamic IP is never the same unlike Static IP. Dynamic IP changes each time you shutdown and restart your computer. Once you have a new IP it should resolve matters for you.

Well the above scenario worked for me that's why you can see I am able to make this fresh post.

Hope it resolves matter for you too. Feel free to feedback.

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