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Friday, May 4, 2012

Learn To Become a Better Visual Web Designer then a Developer

Well this title isn't the thumb rule, but if you are in the Web business like the way I am, then this certainly holds true for you.

My own experience is that the general client is least bothered about how strong a website you might have build in terms of programs and web-software, but unless your website is visually appealing, they don't care about your inner-development. Now, that doesn't mean you develop a lousy website which is just visually appealing! But if your website is strong in terms of the programs and also graphically chic, it holds a lot of value for your product.

As, I am writing this blog-post, today I read in the news today that Slideshare has been bought by Linkedin for about $119 million. And as I started exploring about the team members and person involved with Slideshare I came across this wonderful line from the CEO of Slideshare, Rashmi Sinha. It read:

"Good software comes from a true collaboration between developers and designers." You can read more at:

& I fully agree with her.

Here's a video you might have a look at which conveys the same with wonderful reasonings:

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