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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

[SOLVED] - Allow Other Users to Access Your Localhost Website In Your LAN

Follow the instructions below, if you would like to allow access to your localhost website amongst your peers in the same Local Area Network:

1. First, you may create a Virtual Host for your local website. To learn how to create virtual host in your localhost, you can go through my following tutorials. If you make use of virtual host then you can use local domain name such as http://wordpress.local or http://drupal.local etc. If you do not make use of localhost then
If you aren't using Virtual Host then you will have to use something like Here:
  • is your local ip. Visit this link to find your local ip:
  • 80 is the port number, which is the port number for http, the port that is used to access your website locally and remotely
 2. Once you have created your Virtual Host then your peers will need to update their host file by adding the lines below:     example.local  

  • needs to be replaced with your local ip
  • example.local needs to be replaced with the virtual host you created for your website
To update your host file check the respective link below :

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