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Monday, October 9, 2017

What is Port Fowarding?

While working on WD My Cloud and trying to set up its Cloud Service I had to configure Port Forwarding to enable its Cloud Access service. Unless Port Forwarding was configured, using it's Cloud Service didn't seem to be possible. And that's when I had to research on Port Forwarding. Without setting up Port Forwarding, the connection status displayed at WD's Admin Dashboard was as follows:
"Connected: Relay connection established"

Although, while at college I'd to study subjects such as Data Communication & Computer Networking, where topics such as Port Forwarding etc are covered; since my work doesn't involve Computer Networks I seem to have forgotten the concept.

Anyway here are some wonderful explanation I found related to Port Forwarding.

1. What is Port Forwarding?
Ans:  In simple concept, Port is not a physical connection but its a logical connection that is used by programs and services to exchange information.

Explanation 1:

Explanation 2:

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